Dear friends of Icaria and the Melía shop,
four years have gone by since the opening of the gate in this small, isolated place, in this
magic island, where therapy is generously offered to anybody, who is visiting and is open to
receive. Many of you are now friends and not only customers, who accidently came to the
store to buy our products. All these years, talking with all of you helped me understand the
need and the wish to organize a gathering, where we can talk about all of these things that
connect us as spiritual beings, all our worries, thoughts, doubts, aiming to find a better,
more liberated and peaceful life.
My intention is to pass on the information I have been given from Mother Earth/Pachamama
and the Universal Source, to people who are seeking knowledge, truth, health, abundance,
Self-healing is a life style, an everyday habit, a belief, a way of seeing life and everything
around us. It is who we are, as humans, reflecting our DNA’s potential. It is what we can
achieve as divine creations. By following the Universal Laws and Mother Earth and by
respecting the uniqueness of our existence we can create realities where we experience
abundance on all levels and dimensions.
Pachamama Icaria welcomes you to the journey of self-healing and promises to guide you
through the secrets of completion. Make a stay on the island of Icarus, Diana, Dionysus and
all the divine entities and discover all the magic you need to take with you on your life journey.

Are you coming along?

Energy and Self-Healing, Herbal Medicine
Herbal Cosmetics and Olive Oil Soap Workshops

First Week:
September 17th to 22nd

Second Week: September 24th to 29th

Monday                                                Time: 9am to 2pm

  • Meeting the group members.
  • Presentation of the program.
  • Introduction of herbal, Ayurvedic and Hippocratic medicine.
  • Why do we need herbal medicine and dietary nutrition?
  • Hippocratic and Ayurvedic personalities. Personality and body elements tests.

Tuesday                                                Time: 9am to 2pm

Meeting with herbs and trees: aspen, chaste tree, eucalyptus, immortal, Indian fig opuntia
and prickly pear, juniper berry, lavender, oregano, pink rock rose, rosemary, thyme, wild
We will walk around the paths of Raches to learn how to identify and harvest trees and
herbs. We will also talk about their properties and how we can use them in our everyday life.


1st group: 4 to 6 people                       Time:9am to 1pm
2nd group: 4 to 6 people                      Time:4pm to 8pm

We will learn how to make a cold cream (Galen’s cream) and a beeswax cream, using only
herbs, edible ingredients, kitchen equipment and our love. Basic knowledge of making
tinctures, herbal oils, herbal decoctions and infusions.

Thursday                                                Time: 8am to 1pm

Meeting with herbs and trees: artichoke, blackberry bush, cypress, fennel, hawthorn,
heather, mint, oak tree, pine, plane tree, sage, strawberry tree, walnut tree.
We will walk around the waters of Raches to learn how to identify and harvest trees and
herbs. We will also talk about their properties and how we can use them in our everyday life.


1st group: 4 to 6 people                         Time: 9am to 1pm
2nd group: 4 to 6 people                        Time: 4pm to 8pm

We will learn how to make olive oil soap, using the traditional hot and cold processes,
kitchen equipment and positive energy. Add-ons, like honey, milk, herbs, essential oil etc.

Saturday                                                   Time: 3pm to 8pm

Going back where we started, to exchange thoughts and worries about what we have seen,
learned, experienced and say ‘‘until we meet again…’’. A long talk about the whole week
and ways to change our lives, by just listening to Pachamama.

Duration: Monday to Saturday, according to the schedule given
Speaking language: English (Spanish and Greek, if needed).
Participation: minimum 8, maximum 12 people
Investment: 740 euros (VAT 24% is not included)

  • All lessons and workshops, printed and digital notes.
  • Raw material and packaging for workshops.
  • Transportation from and to the hotel, for the classes, during the week.

Booking: 370 euros by August 31st, 370 euros by September 10th
Payment: Pay Pal. For Europe, bank transfer could also be used. (All the necessary details
will be provided to the participants, to their personal emails.)
Cancellation: 50% refund of the deposited amount, if cancelling before August 31st. No
refund after this date.
Accommodation: I recommend Erofili Hotel, Cavos bay Hotel or Toxotis Villas
Access to the island: From Athens, by boat (Hellenic seaways), by airplane (Olympic air,
Sky express)
More about Icaria: